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Megan Doherty wrote about Ingrid in the Canberra Times on 10 July 2007.

Here is an extract:

The Canberra Times’ editor-in-chief, Jack Waterford, launched a children’s book by former Times journalist now Morris Walker public relations consultant Ingrid Jonach at Paperchain Bookstore in Manuka on Saturday.

The book, The Frank Frankie, The Newspaper that Helps People, is about a nine-year-old girl who starts her own newspaper, and, yes, Jonach, did draw inspiration from her stint in The Times newsroom, as well as stories from her own childhood. Jonach believed that was the “best way to write a book. I think the book has come out very honest”.

The editor in the book, Mr Fraser, “has a tendency to shout as though he was on the other side of the continent, not the other side of the table”.

That little personality trait was grounded in reality. Jonach said when she was Waterford’s executive assistant, even though his office was at one end of the floor and her desk at the other, he would start speaking to her before he’d even left his room, letting the rest of editorial in on the conversation. But she was quick to reassure the launch crowd that Mr Fraser’s “enormous belly” bore no resemblance to Waterford’s.

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