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The Sunday Canberra Times


Ingrid was featured in the My Sunday column of the Sunday Canberra Times on 1 June 2008.

Here is an extract:

Q: What time do you bounce or crawl out of bed on a Sunday?

A: As late as possible! And it’s definitely a crawl, not a bounce.

Q: What’s for breakfast? Healthy cereal and fruit, or greasy fry-up?

A: Sunday has to be a treat. Anything unhealthy suits me. Coco Pops are good.

Q: At home or out, or not at all? If out, where to and why?

A: Either home or out. I love a big breakfast and a chocolate milkshake from whatever cafe in Manuka has either the sun or the music at the time.

Q: How about your character Frankie, what would she get up to on her dream Sunday?

A: In Frankie Goes to France, Frankie likes to spend her Sundays with her bestfriend forever Billy, learning French and playing football. It’s a dream Sunday compared to the Sunday when her great-aunt makes her do all the household chores.

Q: What did you do last Sunday, what’s on today, and what’s planned for the next one?

A: Last Sunday I drove back from visiting family interstate. Today I’ll be getting ready to do a month of author visits at schools around Canberra. And next Sunday I’d like to say I’ll be on a tropical island up north, but that would be a lie.

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