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Oh my God! I have a blog!


My first blog entry. The pressure is ON! What can I write about? Moi?

The name is Jonach — Ingrid Jonach — and I have written a few books for kids: A Lot of Things (ages 0-5), The Frank Frankie (7 and up) and Frankie goes to France (7 and up). All published in Australia, which is where I live. AND my agent is currently shopping around a young adult manuscript in the United States. My agent. My NEW YORK agent. Sorry. I just have to repeat it a few times to believe it! And to brag, of course.

But how about we skip the formalities? If you do want to know all about me and what I do please check out the appropriately-named ABOUT section of this website. If you want random ramblings about myself and writing then stick with the blog.

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