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The REAL royal society of authors

Little Red

As I write this I am getting ready for the royal wedding. Not literally. My invite got lost in the post. But I have my glass of wine and a couple of friends coming to celebrate. The first guests have now arrived at Westminster Abbey, but apparently they have about three hours to kill, which was how long I stood around for a glimpse of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary when they came to Canberra in 2005. It was SO worth it. It was almost on par with when Taylor Hanson touched my hand back in 2000.

So I have decided to pass the time by Googling royal authors. I know about Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York — who was shunned from the wedding and whose daughter has just turned up in a hideous hat. Fergie has written various fiction and non-fiction books from 1989 until present day, including the Little Red series (pictured).

Stupidly I have started my search by typing in AUTHOR ROYALTY. Hmmm. But at last I have stumbled on a site called The Royal Forums — by the way the Mother of the Bride has arrived – love, love LOVE her outfit.

This is the list I have developed as a result:

Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark – The White Night of St. Petersburg, Crown Jewels of Britain and Europe, Sultana, The Empress of Farewells: The Story of Charlotte, Empress of Mexico, Living with Ghosts, Unusual Memories, Louis XIV: The Other Side of the Sun, and Le Rajah Bourbon.

Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands – Mr Finney and the Other Side of the Water, and Mr Finney and the World on its Head.

Princess Martha Louise of Norway – Meet your Guardian Angel.

King Abdullah II of Jordan – Our Last Best Chance: In Pursuit of Peace.

Queen Noor of Jordan – Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life.

Queen Rania of Jordan – The King’s Gift, Eternal Beauty, and The Sandwich Swap (NYT bestseller).

I know this is not THE list, but my friends have arrived and so has the Queen — at the Abbey. So if anyone in the world wide web knows of other royals who have put pen to paper let me know.

P.S. The bride has arrived! Is it just me or does Mrs Windsor (nee Middleton) have her headlights on?

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