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I have the secret!

The Secret

I am currently doing research for work in progress (a young adult manuscript) and am reading up on The Secret.

I had high hopes it would be good for more than a laugh, given it has more than 21 million copies in print and was featured in two episodes of Oprah.

But so far it is less A-Ha and more Ha-Ha.

It started a couple of pages in when The Secret was revealed as *drum roll* The Law of Attraction.

Hang on a second… The back of the book said that The Secret had been hidden for centuries and had been bought for “vast sums of money”. In the Foreward the author speaks of discovering it in a hundred year old book and asking incredulously, “Why doesn’t everyone know this?” Incredulous indeed. Hands up who learned about the Law of Attraction at school *hands shoot up across the globe*.

I do believe that like attracts like (although in some cases opposites attract, so I guess the universe is hedging its bets), especially when it comes to your thoughts.

For example, if you walk around like a sour puss at work you might think:

  1. Great. The printer is out of ink. How am I supposed to print that super urgent important 100 page document?
  2. The girls in the cubicle beside me are snickering. It must be about me. Is my lipstick smeared? I bet my lipstick is smeared. Fantastic.
  3. The heel of my shoe just broke in the middle of the street. Why does the universe hate ME?

Result: My life SUCKS!

On the other hand if you walk around with a positive attitude you would probably think:

  1. The printer is out of ink. What a win for the environment! All those trees saved!
  2. The girls in the cubicle beside me sound like they are having fun today. I might pop over and join in the joking around.
  3. The heel of my shoe just broke. What a great excuse to buy that pair of shoes I wanted. And look! There is my favourite shoe store!

Result: My life is AWESOME!

But according to The Secret your thoughts can also make cheques arrive in your mail or colleagues you hate resign from work.

Hmmm… I got an unexpected cheque in the mail last month no thanks to The Secret (Public Lending Rights). AND maybe the colleague you hate resigned from work because they are a douchebag and EVERYONE hates them!

That being said I am practicing The Secret today. I told the universe I wanted to finish a chapter on my new manuscript. The universe then told me that I should skip the Bridal Expo, leaving me hours and hours to write and edit.

It should have also told me to skip blogging though…

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