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Soundtracks for books

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I stumbled across an interesting website today called BookTrack. According to their about section:

Booktrack represents a new chapter in the evolution of storytelling, and an industry “first” in publishing, by creating synchronized soundtracks for e-books that dramatically boost the reader’s imagination and engagement. The company’s proprietary technology combines music, sound effects and ambient sound, automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed.

Um wow. My version of a book soundtrack are the songs I listen to when I write. My last manuscript even has a theme song: The Scientist by Coldplay.

Many other authors also compile soundtracks to their books. The first published playlist I saw was from Stephenie Meyer. You can still view the playlist on her website, even though her movie franchise now has its own soundtracks (e.g. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri).

And now Penguin USA has a section on their website called Plug into Penguin where it lists songs readers should listen to when reading its books. Awesome!

As Huffington Post said in an article about BookTrack last year: books without soundtracks could some day seem quaint as silent movies.

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