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Playing Snap! with Charlotte Bronte

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My last purchase on Etsy was a pack of author playing cards from 1991. But not just any author playing cards — FEMALE author playing cards.

The pack includes 13 famous female authors and four books they have written. I know Charlotte Bronte is featured on at least one of the cards, because she is on the front of the packet. I can only cross my fingers that my favourite author Jane Austen is keeping her company in there, alongside maybe Louisa May Alcott. I would sneak a peek, but it is unopened. Yes. MINT CONDITION (aside from the torn corners and peeling plastic sleeve)!

Like the owner of a signed first edition Harry Potter, I will put these playing cards on a shelf to grow dusty instead of being used to play a game of Old Maid or Snap!

If you want to join me in my nerdiness, search for other author playing cards on Etsy.


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