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My writing gifts

BLOG_My writing gifts

I recently had dinner with a friend who also happens to be an author (or should I say an author who also happens to be a friend?) —  K. J. Taylor (I call her Katie, which is both her name and her initials!).

And Katie gave me a couple of gifts.

The first is a stuffed toy (WHICH SHE MADE!) modeled after a character in her books (a griffin-cum-human) called Skade. You can see her (Skade, not Katie) in the accompanying picture, taking pride of place in my bookshelf.

You will see the other present in the background. It is Book One in the Risen Sun Trilogy (which follows on from the Dark Griffin Trilogy) – which has JUST GONE ON SALE!!! It is called The Shadow’s Heir and I am a couple of chapters from the end and LOVING it.

For more details or to learn about my friend Katie check out her website.

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