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A Gorgeous Intro

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I am editing (hence my silence and my plotting to bombard this website with posts about my recent endevours once finished!), but I just wanted to share this gorgeous intro with you from one of my favourite novels — Tuck Everlasting. You see, when I edit I like to skim a few books whose writing style I admire in the hopes that it might influence my own writing.

Read the extract below by Natalie Babbit for yourself:

The road that led to Treegap had been trod out long before by a herd of cows who were, to say the least, relaxed. It wandered along in curves and easy angles, swayed off and up in a pleasant tangent to the top of a small hill, ambled down again between fringes of bee-hung clover, and then cut sidewise across a meadow. Here its edges blurred. It widened and seemed to pause, suggesting tranquil bovine picnics: slow chewing and thoughtful contemplation of the infinite. And then it went on again and came at last to the wood. But on reaching the shadows of the first trees, it veered sharply, swung out in a wide arc as if, for the first time, it had reason to think where it was going, and passed around.

On the other side of the wood, the sense of easiness dissolved. The road no longer belonged to the cows. It became, instead, and rather abruptly, the property of people. And all at once the sun was uncomfortably hot, the dust oppressive, and the meager grass along its edges somewhat ragged and forlorn.

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