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Blog Tour: Jet Black Ink


Ingrid has spoken to Jet Black Ink about identity in science fiction and fantasy as part of her Around the World in 80 Days Blog Tour.

Excerpt from Jet Black Ink:

I believe all science fiction and fantasy novels challenge our sense of identity by taking us to other worlds that are so close and yet so far from our day-to-day worlds. Think Brave New World and Children of Men.

Think Harry Potter. Each of these novels provide us with an alternative view of the world, whether it is a futuristic world (in the case of Brave New World and Children of Men) or a hidden world (in the case of Harry Potter). In these alternate worlds, the characters are often outcasts from the outset (Harry Potter) or at least cut from a different mold from others in their world (Bernard Marx in Brave New World and Theo Faron in Children of Men).

My main character in When the World was Flat (and we were in love) is a social outcast at school. She is also distanced from her own mother, referring to her as Deb instead of Mom. Lillie uses photography and hoarding to hold onto a sense of self, but this starts to slip away when she experiences reoccurring nightmares of being murdered.

Read more at Jet Black Ink.

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