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I’ve always been a draw-inside-the-lines kind of girl. Typically, breaking the rules has never ended well for me. Like the time a friend convinced me to lie to her mum so that she would drive me home from school when I was in year two. We claimed I’d missed my bus. I thought my older brother would arrive home shortly after me on the aforementioned bus, but he was five minutes late, then ten minutes, then fifteen… then a full hour passed with no word. It turned out he’d noticed I wasn’t on the bus and had raised the alarm. While I was nervously hitching a ride home, teachers were already combing the school grounds looking for me! OOPS!

You might be surprised then to hear therefore that one of my resolutions is to break the rules in 2015. YEP. And I’m starting with saying goodbye to traditional publishing for the moment. I’ve requested—and been granted—the rights to my debut young adult novel WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT (AND WE WERE IN LOVE), which was previously published by Strange Chemistry, an imprint of Angry Robot. It was a VERY, VERY, VERY difficult decision, especially as it means my book will no longer be available in print and audio—at least for the moment. But, for a variety of reasons—including the sale of the publisher and its current focus on adult titles—I think the risk is minimal.

A wise friend said to me that we must be very post-print to be celebrating being unpublished. While I definitely want WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT to be available in print (and audio) down the track, I’m SUPER excited to reopen the door to self-publishing—something I was last involved in pre the advent of platforms like Amazon and Smashwords. Taking the reins means I can not only re-release WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT with an absolutely awesome new cover (thanks Trevor Brennan!), but that I can follow up with my next young adult novel IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS US in April 2015 (exclusive preview in the new edition of WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT) and my third young adult novel THE DAY WE LIVED FOREVER later in the year.

As if walking away from an international publishing deal isn’t breaking the rules enough, I’ve also made a couple of amendments to WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT—namely re-instating the prologue and epilogue removed by the publisher and changing the tense from past to present. The story itself hasn’t changed though.

So—as of TODAY—the new WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT ebook has been officially launched and is available from Amazon (link to Amazon US, but it is available in all countries) and Smashwords (or you can keep an eye on the full list of stockists here, which I will keep updated). It’s less than $1.99 in the US and Australia (and the relevant exchange rate in other countries)—cheaper than a cup of coffee!

If you’re a blogger who reviewed the first edition and would like an obligation-free copy of the new edition please, please, PLEASE just let me know. Likewise, if you previously bought a copy and would like the updated version for free just Tweet or Facebook me a pic of your book (even if it’s on your eReader) and we’ll work it out. And if you happen to enjoy it, like any author I’d be eternally grateful for any reviews to be posted where the book is available for purchase.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR and wish me luck with my new rebel attitude. Now, I think I there’s a load of washing that needs putting on.

Every now and then I feel the need to blow my own trumpet. Unfortunately, it sounds a bit like a possum fighting a cat, who’s fighting a screaming hairy armadillo (yes, it does exist). You may like to grab a pair of earplugs before you read all of my blustery posts here.


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