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Today I’m featuring author Sean Cummings as part of the YApocalypse! Sean and I shared a publisher a while back and I am SO excited to see the AWESOME YApocalypse novel he has since released – THE NORTH (check it out below!)

YApocalypse Fast Five (before we get locked in the bunker!)

1. Why do you write YApocalypse novels?

THE NORTH was my first kick at the can and it’s the first in a planned series of possibly three books. Will see how it goes. I wanted to write something with a uniquely Canadian flavor and I also wanted a story that really got to the bones of survival. I’m a veteran, I thought it would be fun to put a group of teens under armour to see what would happen and I’m quite pleased with the book. The reviews have been fantastic.

2. Tell us how your book falls into the YApocalypse genre and why we should all run out and grab a copy NOW!

It’s six months after the end of the world. A group of teens in the army militia are hunkered down in an armoury. They have to break out of a city with likely a million or so zombies waiting to tear into their flesh and somehow find sanctuary in a world where you’re a breath away from becoming a flesh eating monster yourself. This is a violent, brutal book. I have put a group of teens into combat – real combat. It’s cold, bleak and terrifying.

3. If you had a choice in what apocalypse you had to survive (or TRY to survive), what would it be (for me, zombies—the slow moving variety!)

I would prefer a slow moving zombie apocalypse as well. They’re just dead flesh. They’ll eventually rot away to dust.

4. What’s your favorite YApocalypse novel? The one you push onto all of your friends, hoping you will have someone to squee with over it.

I really don’t have a favorite … there are a lot of great reads out there.

5. The world is about to END, quick—name three things you would place in a time capsule for future civilizations?

A Doctor Who Novel. A picture of my dog and a hockey puck just to confuse them.

The North – A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Plan Z Book 1)


Breakout. Escape the city. Stay alive.

Sixteen-year-old David Simmons is on a mission to save his eight-year-old sister. Trapped in a city filled with walking cadavers, the survivors of Simmons infantry reserve unit are going hatches down in a pair of armored personnel carriers and everyone knows that it’s only a matter of time until their fuel runs dry. There’s a weak short wave radio signal from a place called Sanctuary Base and it’s supposed to be zombie-free. But there’s more than a thousand miles to cover, a biting, unforgiving cold, armed survivalists, legions of the living dead and someone called SUNRAY.

They’re outgunned, outnumbered and out of time.

This tense young adult thriller offers a terrifying vision of survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the bonds of friendship and family are the only things left that are worth fighting for.

Buy it:


Sean Cummings


Sean Cummings is a fantasy author with published works ranging from traditional urban fantasy (Shade Fright, Funeral Pallor) to a blend of dark fantasy and superheroes (Marshall Conrad: A Superhero Tale). 2012 saw the publication of Sean’s first young adult novel. POLTERGEEKS is a rollicking story about teen witch Julie Richardson, her dorky boyfriend and a race against time to save her mother’s life. The second in the series is called STUDENT BODIES. Both are published by Angry Robot Books. His latest book is THE NORTH – a gripping post-apocalyptic zombie thriller for teens.Sean lives in Saskatoon Canada with his wife and two lazy cats as well as spotted dog named Stormageddon – Dark Lord of All.

Find him:


The YApocalypse – a celebration of young adult post-apocalyptic novels or series – will run throughout September. Posts include featured authors and book recommendations – as well as random musings about THE END. If you are a YApocalypse author who wants to get involved click here. If you want to keep up with posts click here.

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