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A BIG thank you to Oregon author JILLIAN TORASSA for kicking off the YApocalypse! I asked Jillian a few questions to find out whether I wanted her on my team during an apocalypse (yep – I DO).

YApocalypse Fast Five (quick – that acid fog is approaching!)

1. Why do you write YApocalypse novels?

Because they’re awesome. There is so much freedom in your world-building, but you don’t have to start from scratch–whatever elements of old Earth life are useful or applicable, you can keep. Anything else you can just toss out and then develop your own world! Plus, it allows for a degree of intensity, speculation, and urgency that you don’t necessarily get with any other genre.

2. Tell us how your book falls into the YApocalypse genre and why we should all run out and grab a copy NOW!

My book is YApocalypse because it is set after the End of All Things. While it is set after a nuclear apocalypse, the entire world is built upon the fact that the intelligent members of society were the ones who destroyed the world in the first place. Because of this, they have been enslaved and forced to pay back their debt to society. You need to read my book NOW because it’s exciting, interesting, and well-written. I have very unique characters, a couple of plot lines (but not too many!), and complicated relationships (not just romantic) to keep you reading. It’s a page-turner that you can’t put down! I’m very good at description and scene organization, and if I do say so myself, Hollywood would be stupid not to turn it into a movie :) It’s just that good!

3. If you had a choice in what apocalypse you had to survive (or TRY to survive), what would it be (for me, zombies—the slow moving variety!)

If I had to try and survive an apocalypse, I would prefer that it be a nuclear one. As long as you make it out alive, the horrors are pretty much over with when it passes. You don’t have to deal with lingering disease, or infection, or contamination. As long as you get out of an area where you’re in danger of getting radiation poisoning, you’re good to go!

4. What’s your favorite YApocalypse novel? The one you push onto all of your friends, hoping you will have someone to squee with over it.

My favoriite YApocalypse is a good ‘ol classic: The Hunger Games. It’s just…it’s just…wow. It’s sick. Which makes it AWESOME. It makes me think, it’s well-written, I love the characters (Team Peeta!), and it’s just full of amazing social critiques. I even wrote my senior thesis about it in college. The perks of being an English major :D

5. The world is about to END, quick—name three things you would place in a time capsule for future civilizations?

Three things I would place in a time capsule: The Hunger Games books (so future generations can be weary of what could happen if they aren’t careful!), Avengers action figures (mint condition, of course), and a recipe for the best pizza in the world (it would be a shame if future generations lost the ability to make a really good pizza–they would have no point in living anymore, IMHO).


Rebel Thirds (Rebel Thirds #1)

rebel thirds

After the End of All Things, The Ten Colony Council  enslaved all of the Third Class Citizens (the Smarts who helped destroy the world) in order to protect the more upright members of the dwindling population.

Jade Doe is one of these Thirds, learning to control her inherent Knowledge so that she can redeem herself by aiding the society in which she lives.

When she learns of a deadly secret, however, she must make a decision: Should she risk her life, her friends, and her very soul in order to bring freedom to all of what’s left of mankind? Or should she do as she’s always been told and devote her life to the voracious, violent, virtuous First whom she must serve until the day she dies?

Buy it:


Jillian Torassa

Head shot

My name is Jillian Torassa, and I’m a (almost) 26 -year-old, nerdy Oregonian who loves stores in every shape, size, and medium. I graduated from Brigham Young University, where I studied English and Political Science, but I’ve since moved back to Salem with my husband, son, and two cats (Josh, Peter, Merry, and Pippin!) Oregon is my true home, and I’ll never leave it again. I’ve been writing since I first learned how; my first book was about a yellow lab named Ceilia who fell down a worm hole and found herself in a land of talking dogs. It was illustrated with Lisa Frank stickers, and the spelling was so horrible, it didn’t even resemble English. I’ve honed my talent since then, I promise :)

Find her:


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