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My baby

A colleague at work asked about my baby the other day.

Without missing a beat I asked: You mean my manuscript?

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Authors online!

I recently updated my website — with the help of a graphic designer friend! — and in the process I checked out a thousand author websites.

Below are a few of the high tech sites that are worth a visit:

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Authors need thick skins

Apparently authors used to need fifty layers of skin instead of forty-nine. This fantastic article by Flavorwire covers the thirty harshest author on author insults in history.

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Sick as a dog

This is my fifth day of the flu. I have literally been lying on the couch for the past four days – except for this morning when I went on the Million Paws Walk to raise money for the RSPCA. And to dog watch. I saw the cutest whippet wearing a black turtleneck.

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The REAL royal society of authors

As I write this I am getting ready for the royal wedding. Not literally. My invite got lost in the post. But I have my glass of wine and a couple of friends coming to celebrate. The first guests have now arrived at Westminster Abbey, but apparently they have about three hours to kill, which was how long I stood around for a glimpse of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary when they came to Canberra in 2005. It was SO worth it. Read more