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Review: The Intruders

Things I loved about this book:

  1. The cover art. Read more

These are the moments…

There are moments you live for as a writer. In a ‘moment’ of appreciation I decided to compile a list of the sweetest moments of them all. Read more

From E-Books to Apps

I remember going to the school library as a kid, and climbing over each other to get our hands on anything and everything to do with Spot. Read more

Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

EVERYTHING about this book creeped me out, but that was good! I like being creeped out, especially when the writing is BEAUTIFUL.

Read more

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I am such a geek. My Friday night has been spent trawling the internet for opposite proverbs. Why? For fun, of course! I guess this is one of those you-know-you’re-a-writer-when moments.

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  1. 11.03.2015

    RT @JulioRuizNet: Wuthering Heights ~

  2. 11.03.2015

    RT @AdviceToWriters: There's a word for a writer who never gives up: published. JOE KONRATH #amwriting #writing

  3. 11.03.2015

    Yep. #AmWriting

  4. 10.03.2015

    Every time I open a bottle of sparkling water it explodes. EVERY TIME. And yet I never learn... #FirstWorldProblems

  5. 10.03.2015

    RT @GeorgeTakei: Anger the authorities: read a banned book; I do.

  6. 09.03.2015

    I have this feeling... #AmReading

  7. 08.03.2015

    Yay for long weekends! Am getting a lot of writing done! #AmWriting #YA

  8. 08.03.2015

    'It will leave you speechless' - Boricuan Bookworms. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT only $1.99!


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