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I have the secret!

I am currently doing research for work in progress (a young adult manuscript) and am reading up on The Secret. Read more

My baby

A colleague at work asked about my baby the other day.

Without missing a beat I asked: You mean my manuscript?

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Authors online!

I recently updated my website — with the help of a graphic designer friend! — and in the process I checked out a thousand author websites.

Below are a few of the high tech sites that are worth a visit:

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Authors need thick skins

Apparently authors used to need fifty layers of skin instead of forty-nine. This fantastic article by Flavorwire covers the thirty harshest author on author insults in history.

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Gungahlin Library Community Day

Author Tania McCartney blogged about the Gungahlin Library Community Day attended by Ingrid on 21 May 2011.
Read the blog here.

You can also read the media release from ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher here.


  1. 04.03.2015

    RT @LeahPLozano: It's tense! 😳😉 #amwriting #amreading #books #bookworm

  2. 03.03.2015

    Some sage advice on reading from none other than Einstein...

  3. 03.03.2015

    'A truly tragic and beautiful story about young lovers' - Brittany's Book Rambles. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT $1.99 #YA

  4. 03.03.2015

    Hahaha! #TheHungerGames #TheFamilyGuy

  5. 03.03.2015

    Hmmm... Do you think this would work? #AmReading

  6. 28.02.2015

    That scene in #InTime where his mum dies just as she flings herself into his arms gets me every time 😢😪😭

  7. 27.02.2015

    Just discovered in my new neighborhood. Do you think if I knock on the tree Moonface might answer? #MagicFarawayTree

  8. 27.02.2015

    I still haven't seen #TheFaultInOurStars movie. I want to though! #YA


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