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Sick as a dog

This is my fifth day of the flu. I have literally been lying on the couch for the past four days – except for this morning when I went on the Million Paws Walk to raise money for the RSPCA. And to dog watch. I saw the cutest whippet wearing a black turtleneck.

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The REAL royal society of authors

As I write this I am getting ready for the royal wedding. Not literally. My invite got lost in the post. But I have my glass of wine and a couple of friends coming to celebrate. The first guests have now arrived at Westminster Abbey, but apparently they have about three hours to kill, which was how long I stood around for a glimpse of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary when they came to Canberra in 2005. It was SO worth it. Read more

Oh my God! I have a blog!

My first blog entry. The pressure is ON! What can I write about? Moi?

The name is Jonach — Ingrid Jonach — and I have written a few books for kids: A Lot of Things (ages 0-5), The Frank Frankie (7 and up) and Frankie goes to France (7 and up). All published in Australia, which is where I live. Read more

ABC Stateline

Ingrid was featured on Stateline on 14 September 2009.
You can view the transcript online at the ABC website.

Book Week 2009

Author Tania McCartney blogged about the Book Week Children’s Seminar attended by Ingrid on 27 August 2009. Read the blog here.


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    I have this feeling... #AmReading

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    Yay for long weekends! Am getting a lot of writing done! #AmWriting #YA

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    'It will leave you speechless' - Boricuan Bookworms. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT only $1.99!

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    RT @oopsireadagain: Looking for your next YA fantasy read? Check out @IngridJonach's recs at #UnderTheRadarFriday! #…

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    RT @AdviceToWriters: A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. MAYA ANGELOU #amwriting #writing http:/…

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    Random stranger I was eavesdropping on today take note! #AmWriting

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    I wish I had a reason to wear cuff links...

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    RT @oopsireadagain: Under the Radar Friday (5): Author Ingrid Jonach on YA Fantasy Books + Giveaway


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