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Recommendations for a ZOMBIE YAPOCALYPSE!

My FAV apocalypse is a zombie apocalypse. I’m COMPLETELY addicted to The Walking Dead and now Fear The Walking Dead. Read more


A BIG thank you to Oregon author JILLIAN TORASSA for kicking off the YApocalypse! Read more

Blog MINI Break

Aside from having a HORRID cold the past week—I am SMACK BANG in the middle of a writing BONANZA. To make sure I keep the books a-coming—I am taking a mini break from the blog until YApocalypse EXPLODES in SEPTEMBER. Read more

Finding — No — MAKING time to write

I take EVERY opportunity I can to write. Having a full time day job that is reasonably demanding, I HAVE to if I want to write more than one paragraph every six months. Read more

Why I would HATE to be superman

I have an EPIC fear of flying. I’ve been to a psychologist (she was a hang-glider in her free time). I’ve tried hypnotherapy (apparently, I can’t be hypnotised). I’ve tried over the counter sleeping tablets (no effect). I’ve been prescribed anti-anxiety meds (mixed results). Read more


  1. 26.02.2016

    Just finished reading The Twelve. Verdict? BEAUTIFULLY CONFUSING. #thetwelve #amreading

  2. 26.02.2016

    #TGIF That is all.

  3. 24.02.2016

    SO didn't pick up on the romance between Rick and Michonne. I saw them more as brother and sister! My two fav characters tho. #walkingdead

  4. 24.02.2016

    RT @DwnritDystopian: Review: When the World Was Flat (and We Were In Love) by @ingridjonach! #DDArchive 4/5 stars

  5. 21.02.2016

    A combined score of 11! It just goes to show that nice guys sometimes come first (or second last). Congrats Nev and Kell! #MKR

  6. 21.02.2016

    Jessica even dries her Tupperware aggressively! #MKR

  7. 21.02.2016

    Jessica says her dessert doesn't need any other sweeteners thanks to the pineapple, while pouring a cup of brown sugar into the mix... #MKR

  8. 20.02.2016

    RT @nerdychampagne: OMG WWTF FEELS @IngridJonach


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