Ingrid Jonach
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Prime Television

Ingrid appeared on the Saturday Club on Prime Television on 17 July 2007.

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The Canberra Times

Megan Doherty wrote about Ingrid in the Canberra Times on 10 July 2007.

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  1. 27.02.2015

    Just discovered in my new neighborhood. Do you think if I knock on the tree Moonface might answer? #MagicFarawayTree

  2. 27.02.2015

    I still haven't seen #TheFaultInOurStars movie. I want to though! #YA

  3. 26.02.2015

    Sigh. How #romantic.

  4. 26.02.2015

    'It will leave you speechless' - Boricuan Bookworms. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT only $1.99!

  5. 26.02.2015

    #SorryNotSorry! #AmReading

  6. 24.02.2015

    'An addictive read' - Author, Jack Heath. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT only $1.99! #YA #AmReading

  7. 24.02.2015

    George Bernard Shaw on creativity... #AmWriting

  8. 24.02.2015

    'Original and hauntingly beautiful' - The AP Book Club. WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT only $1.99!


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