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Why you MAY want your own angel-superhero (AKA literary agent)

I think I was even more excited when I got my literary agent, than when I got my book deal for When the World was Flat (and we were in love). Read more

There’s NO shame in being bullied. ONLY in bullying

I was a SUPER shy kid. Like frog-in-my-throat, petrified-of-telephones, let-my-brother-speak-for-me kid. To make matters worse, my family moved around like a band of gypsies. Read more

The nearly ALWAYS occasionally BORING task of plotting a story

As I pointed out in this post, the problem with plotting is that it can be SO BORING. My plotting up until a couple of years ago consisted of some hastily typed notes at the beginning of my manuscripts. Read more

My former life as a vegetarian zoo keeper

When I was a teen, I turned vegetarian.

My oldest brother bet I would last about a month. I lasted SIX YEARS (go me!). Read more

In The Beginning There Was Us BOOK BLITZ

A HUGE thank you to all of the bloggers who participated in the book blitz for In The Beginning There Was Us. It was so exciting to see the word spreading through the interwebs! Read more


  1. 02.03.2016

    I'm a pink elephant (pls don't tell my date I can't really speak French). #FirstDatesAU

  2. 01.03.2016

    That bread might be a bit salty with all of those tears... #MKR

  3. 26.02.2016

    Just finished reading The Twelve. Verdict? BEAUTIFULLY CONFUSING. #thetwelve #amreading

  4. 26.02.2016

    #TGIF That is all.

  5. 24.02.2016

    SO didn't pick up on the romance between Rick and Michonne. I saw them more as brother and sister! My two fav characters tho. #walkingdead

  6. 24.02.2016

    RT @DwnritDystopian: Review: When the World Was Flat (and We Were In Love) by @ingridjonach! #DDArchive 4/5 stars

  7. 21.02.2016

    A combined score of 11! It just goes to show that nice guys sometimes come first (or second last). Congrats Nev and Kell! #MKR

  8. 21.02.2016

    Jessica even dries her Tupperware aggressively! #MKR


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