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I’ve always been a draw-inside-the-lines kind of girl. Typically, breaking the rules has never ended well for me. Read more

We Are All Love

Last Monday morning many of us grabbed a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate (in my case) on the way to work without a second thought. As did sixteen mothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons in Sydney who found themselves caught up in the clutches of a madman in the Lindt Cafe. Read more

The Real Mockingjay

I watched Mockingjay recently. And LOVED it, of course. Could this be one of those rare examples of a movie series being better than the book series (as in, the books are awesome, but the movies are OUT OF THIS WORLD!)? Read more

Frankie goes to France

Having helped her Mum and Greg Green set their wedding date, Frankie is convinced she will be allowed to go to Paris with them on their honeymoon. She is positively preoccupied with learning French and buying a suitcase, but her colleagues want her to focus on the fight to save the local library through her newspaper The Frank Frankie. Read more


  1. 06.06.2016

    Am not even a quarter in but I swear if this turns out to be a scavenger hunt... #gonegirl #amreading #currentlyreading

  2. 06.06.2016

    I really thought I might at least have the satisfaction of seeing Randall get his just desserts on #GameofThrones tonight. #Outlander #Got

  3. 05.06.2016

    '...a dribble of a chin.' I really like that description. #amreading #gonegirl

  4. 05.06.2016

    Am back to reading Gone Girl. Am reserving judgement but am finding it hard to connect to these…

  5. 05.06.2016

    What do you do when it rains non-stop all weekend? READ! Am taking a break from Gone Girl to…

  6. 04.06.2016

    Nick and Amy are both writers? I really struggle with writers writing about writers. Just a bit too meta. #amreading #gonegirl

  7. 04.06.2016

    The husband is already creeping me out on page one, talking about opening up his wife's head. #amreading #gonegirl

  8. 04.06.2016

    'When I think of my wife, I always think of her head.' Least romantic husband ever? #amreading #gonegirl #nospoilers


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