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Making (up) friends

A friend and I were talking about our writing the other day and realized we were talking about our characters as if they were our mutual friends or even our… BOYFRIENDS — in the case of Tom from my upcoming young adult novel When the World was Flat (and we were in love)! Read more

My writing gifts

I recently had dinner with a friend who also happens to be an author (or should I say an author who also happens to be a friend?) —  K. J. Taylor (I call her Katie, which is both her name and her initials!). Read more

Famous last words

In my manuscript currently with my agent there is a quote from the death bed of Albert Einstein. Along the lines of it being his time. Read more

Authors online!

I recently updated my website — with the help of a graphic designer friend! — and in the process I checked out a thousand author websites.

Below are a few of the high tech sites that are worth a visit:

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Authors need thick skins

Apparently authors used to need fifty layers of skin instead of forty-nine. This fantastic article by Flavorwire covers the thirty harshest author on author insults in history.

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