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Why I would HATE to be superman

I have an EPIC fear of flying. I’ve been to a psychologist (she was a hang-glider in her free time). I’ve tried hypnotherapy (apparently, I can’t be hypnotised). I’ve tried over the counter sleeping tablets (no effect). I’ve been prescribed anti-anxiety meds (mixed results). Read more

My TOTALLY RATIONAL irrational behaviours

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, but there was probably no need for a test. Read more

When I was a teen I got ALL SHOOK UP over Elvis

You would all know by now that I can be a little obsessive… A friend introducing me to the song All Shook Up was all I needed to launch headfirst into a love affair with Elvis Presley. Read more

I met my dad when I was SEVENTEEN

My parents separated when I was six months old and, when I was three, he left the country to start a new life with a new family in the US. Read more

When I was a teen… I stalked a boy until he became my boyfriend

I’m an obsessive person—just ask my mother or my husband. I used to collect pencil leads—jars and jars of them—as a kid. Read more