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The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the hairdressers

When I was in my final year of high school, I got a perm. I guess you could be forgiven for thinking I went to school in the eighties—or maybe even the early nineties. Unfortunately, NO. Read more

There’s NO shame in being bullied. ONLY in bullying

I was a SUPER shy kid. Like frog-in-my-throat, petrified-of-telephones, let-my-brother-speak-for-me kid. To make matters worse, my family moved around like a band of gypsies. Read more

My former life as a vegetarian zoo keeper

When I was a teen, I turned vegetarian.

My oldest brother bet I would last about a month. I lasted SIX YEARS (go me!). Read more

When I was little, I thought my curtains were HAUNTED…

When I was little (perhaps five or six years old) I remember lying in bed in the dark (which I was VERY afraid of) and staring at my curtains. The pattern on my curtains in daylight was gingham, which was certainly NOT what I was seeing that night. Read more