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Finding — No — MAKING time to write

I take EVERY opportunity I can to write. Having a full time day job that is reasonably demanding, I HAVE to if I want to write more than one paragraph every six months. Read more

How do you SEE your characters?

I consider myself quite a visual person. My mother and step-father are both visual artists (my step-father sadly passed in 2010). Read more

My MUSE is addicted to prescription pills

I had a middle ear infection last week (I know, totally TMI), but, in addition to discovering I have a dodgy eustachian tube, I also found out there’s something to be said about lying around, doped up on promethazine, to light the spark of inspiration. Read more

Writing the ALL IMPORTANT query letter

SO, you’ve fallen in love with an agent. Nothing creepy. You just check their twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and website a thousand times an hour and have their profile pic as your desktop wallpaper. Read more

How to snare a literary agent (be VEWY, VEWY quiet!)

Before I go ahead and blog about how to write a query letter, I thought I should (or would?) cover the process of submitting to an agent. Read more