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This September, I’ll be running YApocalypse on this blog—a celebration of young adult post-apocalyptic novels or series.

This is a SHOUT OUT to all authors (indie or traditionally published) whose work/s fall into this category and who would like to be featured during the month.

Note, the apocalypse does NOT have to be the main focus of your novel or series. My YA sci fi romance novels When The World Was Flat (and we were in love) and In The Beginning There Was Us both feature apocalypses as part of the back story, NOT as the main story.

To get involved, all you have to do is email the answers to the below questions to ingridjonach <at> ingridjonach <dot> com, along with:

  • your book blurb (including links to your book on AMAZON and SMASHWORDS),
  • your cover image,
  • a short bio (including links to your twitter, facebook and website), and
  • your headshot.

YApocalypse Questions

  1. Why do you write YApocalypse novels?
  2. Tell us how your book falls into the YApocalypse genre and why we should all run out and grab a copy NOW!
  3. If you had a choice in what apocalypse you had to survive (or TRY to survive), what would it be (for me, zombies—the slow moving variety!)
  4. What’s your favorite YApocalypse novel? The one you push onto all of your friends, hoping you will have someone to squee with over it.
  5. The world is about to END, quick—name three things you would place in a time capsule for future civilizations?

Why do I want to do this? Not ONLY because I want to pull together a list of who I want on my team during the apocalypse, but because I LOVE this genre (yeah, yeah, I know YApocalypse is not ACTUALLY a genre—yet) and want to help spread the word for other authors, while meeting some really cool peeps (because anyone who writes YApocalypse is extremely cool IMO!)